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tough few days [Jan. 31st, 2011|10:03 pm]
I haven't fallen this sick in a while, not even when I was in australia for the past year. And this time it really snowballed and hit me in the face. Runny nose, sore throat, phlegmy coughing, head aches...argh. I think for almost 3 days all I did was sleep and sleep, only waking up to have a meal or take my medication.

It scares me to think that I'm beginning another chapter of my life this year. In some sense I both look forward to it, as well as fear it. Am I really aching to start working, no not really. I wish my tertiary life were a bit longer.

But choice is a luxury sometimes.

Today was a tough day, and I am quite spent in all ways that you can possibly be. Time for bed, perhaps.
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dotdotdot [Dec. 12th, 2010|12:20 am]
I realise I really don't like it when people reply to msn messages and emails with lots of trailing little dots. Like this..........

Its like I can visually imagine your voice trailing off with the volume going lower with the increase of dots. I don't really get how some people like to use them as replacements for the spacebar, comma, full stop, and virtually almost every other punctuation mark.

"oh really...yea how has your day been...mine has been good...oh the weather is nice today...................................."

its like an online drawl.

To my horror, I was going through some old postcards I used to write, and when I was 14 I wrote like this, in actual handwriting, together with other things like 'hahax' 'lorz' and 'lolz'.

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Home [Nov. 21st, 2010|05:08 pm]
It's been about a week since I've been back. It feels a little surreal, like how my days seem to fly by and how by 11pm I am already very tired and ready for bed (which in australia is NEVER the case).

It's a strange feeling. On one hand, its nice to be back with family and friends, on the other I feel a little lost in the sea of faces. It's like being a stranger, but not really either. Too many people, information overload, and well the humidity is kinda stifling. On some days I feel as though I can literally breathe in little water droplets.

Perhaps I've been too accustomed to the natural brightness of my room in melbourne, when I'm back, it feels like my room is shrouded in dim light (which could be the fault of the failing bulbs as well). My room is supposed to be blue, but the light paints it a sickly grey.

If only I had a magic door. A door that leads into my old room in melbourne, a place that I can go when I just want to be alone - to be away from everything. And when I feel better I can come out from that place and be ready to face more people again. That would be nice.

Suddenly I'm bombarded with things I need to get done, resumes to prepare and send out, people I need to say hi to, friends I need to meet, prepare suitable answers to those who ask about my plans for the future and job prospects.

It would be nice if people would cut me some slack if I forgot to do some of those things. I will get down to doing it, but geez its overwhelming enough as it is.
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ate a slice of wonderbread and went right back to bed [Nov. 7th, 2010|12:23 am]
[Current Mood |pensivepensive]

I have eaten about 16 slices of bread in 3 days. HAHA. Lazy to cook, so its bread bread bread for everything breakfast, lunch and dinner.

peanut butter and nutella together is pretty awesome.

I have no motivation to study, this is bad when you have only one paper. Need to get my game plan on man. AH.

Next weekend is going to be quite insane. Meetups like mad, plus the need to finish packing, settle a whole bunch of other stuff too.

Tonight is a cool night, the wind is chilly but not icy. The roads are quiet. Just had my cup of coffee. Notes all over the table. Music playing softly from my laptop.

I will miss the quiet.

Perhaps its the one of the things I've discovered about myself while being here, that I'm very comfortable with silence and being by myself. Maybe its an independent streak, or maybe I'm just being a hermit, but silence is good. It helps you think, calms you down, helps you focus, allows you to escape from the busyness of life.

I wonder if it will become all too fast for me again when I go home. After 9 months of being in a country where people reallllllly take life very slow, I wonder if its going to be a culture shock going back to singapore.

I wonder.
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How He Loves [Nov. 5th, 2010|10:52 pm]
He is jealous for me;
Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree,
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.
When all of a sudden,
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory,
And I realise just how beautiful You are,
And how great Your affections are for me.

And oh, how He loves us so,
Oh how He loves us,
How He loves us all

Yeah, He loves us,
Oh! how He loves us,
Oh! how He loves us,
Oh! how He loves.

We are His portion and He is our prize,
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes,
If His grace is an ocean, we?re all sinking.
And Heaven meets earth like an unforseen kiss,
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest,
I don?t have time to maintain these regrets,
When I think about, the way?
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Things to do. [Nov. 1st, 2010|11:13 pm]
Because I wrote a list, and lost it, I shall just put it online so I can't forget or misplace it.

1) Return Twilight book to Su
2) Return Dan Brown book to chris
3) Settle bank account details
4) Settle mobile phone billing
5) Check for flax seed, fish oil, and some other enzyme thing at chemist warehouse (done!)
6) Buy the above things (done!)
7) Organize past papers and readers for recycling
8) Pack small boxes to pass to others to bring home
9) If needed, pack small box to leave here
11) Buy red rock deli chips to bring home
12) Sell the printer
13) Send the bookshelf to jingwei on sunday
14) Sell remaining stuff to lin
15) Find replacement housemate
16) Transfer 100 dollars to landlord (done!)
17) Meet Jo in the morning 15 Nov for coffee
18) PRE-BOOK dandenong bus to airport (done!)
19) Remember to have 25 dollars on hand when boarding airport bus

oh yea and STUDY.
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Moments. [Oct. 31st, 2010|12:28 am]
[Current Mood |boredbored]

A facepalm moment is when you check the weather forecast for the following day, find out that its gonna be cold and wet, and realise that you've packed your boots in the box that has just been shipped home.

Need to get my enthusiasm up for studying for the final paper. But everything else seems more interesting when you try to study.

Oh someone posted a link on facebook. Oh maybe I'll just go blog hopping for 15 mins. Oh I'll just check my email. Oh look at the pretty grooves on this pencil.

But I can't help it. After surviving that monster of a paper, I'm just not in the mood to go back to more readings.

But I must.

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First 8-hr sleep in forever. [Oct. 29th, 2010|02:20 pm]
Yay, I went to bed BEFORE 2am yesterday and managed to have a full 8 hrs of undisturbed sleep, which has not happened for at least a month.

Feels good.

Just playing a waiting game now. Waiting for courier people to call and pick up the box for shipping. Waiting for exams to be over. Waiting to go home.

I can't quite believe that in about 2 weeks from now I will be back home in Singapore, hopefully eating some good old beef kway teow.

In my attempt to have something similar to duck rice, I bought a peking duck sushi roll - which of course is not peking duck, but rather just a piece of meat with rolled up cucumber and rice. Like duck rice in a convenient stick. Yea they don't slice sushi here.


Felt surreal handing in my final assignment yesterday. There's a reason why it's called the final assignment. I had 20 pages full of writing, and close to 5000 words. I spent a whole week cooped up at home just to complete it. Plus it had an annotated bibliography, which I can honestly say is one of the most troublesome things to do EVER. But I'm glad I gave it my best shot. I was satisfied with my essay, and hopefully it'll be ok.

Now its just about 2 weeks before my final paper - I hate communication papers. They are tough to study for, unpredictable, and half the cohort ALWAYS fails it.
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Note to self. [Oct. 26th, 2010|11:51 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

After thursday (which supposedly marks the end of my essay-writing university life), I need to start packing, start sleeping, start eating properly, and start exercising.

Today, there was a moment when I went to the bathroom and for a second could not recognise myself in the mirror. I'm a pale, sallow, pimply mess with half-lidded eyes and eye bags. Argh. Why is it that even when I was in poly, with the insanely long school hours and projects, I've never pushed myself as hard as I am doing now in university???

Over here, I've:

- drank a gazillion cups of coffee
- Went nights without sleeping to rush an essay
- not slept earlier than 3 in a long while
- survived on mass-cooked leftover meals because I have no time to cook

But its ok. Thank you GOD that I only have one exam paper, and ample time to complete studying for it without having to crank late nights.

On a funnier note, I wore sunglasses in my room while I was studying yesterday. It was a really sunny and bright day, and me being the vampire that I am these few days (never leaving the house when its bright, and becoming a creature of the night) had to shield my eyes from the sunlight that was streaming in through the windows. In my defense, it was the glaring evening sun and even after closing the blinds sunlight still managed to shine in my eyes at this angle that reflected a glare from my computer screen.

So out came the sunnies. My housemate thought I was joking. But no.

Random thought. I'm writing an essay about fairy tales and feminism, and chose to do a study on the story of sleeping beauty. By the way, some of these old fairy tales are so creepy. Like how one version of Cinderella has the evil stepsisters sawing off some of their toes so that their feet could fit the glass slipper. But anyhoo, I remembered that at the melbourne show there was this spinning competition, where ladies got their old-fashioned spindles out and literally competed to see how fast they could spin yarn within a given time.

So the event ended, and Lin and I were just sitting around and looking at the spindle. We were trying to figure out where the needle is on the spindle, since sleeping beauty managed to prick herself. Haha, this lady overheard our conversation and told us that its almost impossible to prick yourself on a spindle needle cos they are all very blunt, unless you impaled your hand through it. Haha. Oh well, learn new things every day.
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VESPAAAAA [Oct. 23rd, 2010|01:45 am]
After seeing a bunch of photos of cute french girls riding around in super cool vespas with (slightly dorky, but in a good way) helmets, I am so super inspired to get one next time.

Probably something to consider after getting a regular driving license, and earning some money to sponsor my own riding lessons, but man I just love the mobility of it. Of course driving a car is always an option, but my family has 5 people and we have one car - and I figure at some point the number of people who have driving licenses will increase over the years, and then we'll all be fighting for the car. Haha, so to prevent that I might as well get a bike license.

I probably can't handle the big bikes, like the harley-esque bike that my tuition teacher used to ride, although when I was 15 I really wanted a scrambler but I figured that I will just fall off at some point. And I guess I'm not exactly a speed junkie. I think a scooter or something will be nice (: Just to be able to drive nearer distances, or have the option of getting around on my own and stuff (: And there's just something kinda quaint and quirky about colourful scooters.

None of this is probably going to happen any time soon, but hey its nice to daydream.

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